Opening Hours

8:00am – 6:00pm
7 Days a Week

For pick up, drop off and kennel viewings please make an appointment.

*No appointments on certain Stat Holidays. Please confirm when making your reservation.*

Directions From Grande Prairie

  • Head east on HWY 43
  • Turn north onto RGE RD 40
  • We are the very first place on the left after 2.5 miles
  • Driveway sign: 724048 RGE RD 40

Only 15 minutes from Grande Prairie

Dog Boarding

We Love Dogs! And more importantly, we understand them. Here at Elevation Dogs we treat your best friend like the individual that he or she is. Every dog is different just like humans, so we do our best to customize the experience for each guest.

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Dog Day Camp

Doggie Day Care services at Elevation Dogs is designed to be a relaxing treat for your pet.  We are extremely dedicated to making sure that your dog receives ample attention, affection, and exercise throughout the day.

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Dog Grooming

Different breeds of dogs have unique grooming needs in order for them to feel – and look – their best. Whether your pooch is shedding his winter coat, or if he just needs a good bath and brushing, we’re ready to help!

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Dog Training

No dog owner should feel alone when it comes to training their pet.  At Elevation Dogs, we will help you and your dog through the basic obedience classes and beyond.  Contact us if you would like help training a bad habit out of your dog or are just looking for a refresher course in “sit-stay-come.”

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