RedPaw Power Edge 32K Kibble is the only kibble we trust to feed our resident pet dogs as well as our canine athletes, our Alaskan Huskies.  Whether running a 1000 mile dog sled race in Alaska, participating in dog event around our community or just hanging out here at home we know we can trust the quality of RedPaw kibble to keep all of our dogs at their best.

RedPaw Power Edge 32K Performance Dog Food

$83.00 + G.S.T for a 40 lb bag







Springer Bike Attachment   $147.00

Springer Extra Arm Kit   $100.00

Springer Adapter   $70.00

Springer Safety Release Pack   $30.00

Musher Secret Foot Wax   $38.00

Dog Booties (Set of 4)   $13.00


Chilly Dogs Standard Coat Sizes:

Size 8 -14 $75.95

Size 16 – 21 $90.95

Size 22 – 27 $110.95

Size 30 – 38 $130.95

Chilly Dogs Long & Lean Coat Sizes:

Size 12 – 14 $75.95

Size 15 – 25 $90.95

Size 26 – 33 $110.95

Cold Feet ??? We have your solution !!!

Our booties are made with 330 Denier Cordura. They are lightweight and breathable and designed to keep the snow from building up between the food pads. They are not waterproof but will keep your pups feet cozy in the snow.

The #1 Bootie chosen by mushers world wide to be the best there is to keep feet protected.

We have them in 3 sizes:




We would be happy to help you size them on your four legged best friend.

$ 13 + G.S.T. for a set of 4

Anxiety, Arthritis or Sore Joints,

Dull Coat or Bad Appetite?

Elite Three Hemp Oil Can Help

We have seen fast improvements in our canine athletes physical and mental health when we introduced Hemp Oil into their regular diet. Our old retirees no longer suffer from stiffness and are happy to run around and play. The race dogs are recovering faster and resting better. We are seeing better appetites and less soreness after long runs. Elite Three Hemp Oil has also been beneficial to our pet dogs. Their coats are softer, they are shedding less and they are more active.

We urge you to give it a try and see the difference it can make in your dog.

750ml Bottle: $25.50 + G.S.T.

4L Bottle: $78.00 + G.S.T.


Prices do not include G.S.T.