Dog Grooming Services

In our all new facility we now have a fully equipped grooming room.

As we all know, in our area, a remarkable part of the year can be muddy and yucky… We don’t stay away from play times though as it is very important for a balanced dog to be able to let off some steam. So, our guest get dirty sometimes and most of them don’t mind.

But now we are happy to have the option to send them home clean and smelling nicely after a visit with us and the owner doesn’t have to worry about car seats getting dirty anymore.

Current Dog Grooming Service Options

We now offer bathing and nail trimming only as we don’t have a professional groomer on staff yet. But this already will be a great improvement in our service as no dog has to go home with a filthy coat and muddy feet anymore.

Please let us know at drop off if you would like your dog to have a bath before pick up and we will be happy to make it happen!


Australian_Cattle_Dog_puppy_mascotPricing for Grooming

  • Bath Small/Medium Dog (up to 40lbs)  – $20

  • Bath Large Dog (40lbs and up) – $30

  • Nail Trim – $10


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