Welcome To Our Kennel!

As the owner of Elevation Dogs we would like to invite you to come for a kennel tour at Elevation Dogs to see with your own eyes how we run our facility!

Also, please make sure to follow us on Facebook. We post pictures of our guests there regularly.

Here, we would like to mention a few things that make us stand out in the dog daycare and boarding industry. We not only meet the physical needs of our guests but also do our absolute best to meet their emotional needs, too!

  • SAFETY & CLEANLINESS are the highest priorities. Our staff is highly trained. We have training in pet first aid and 25+ years of experience in breeding, raising and training dogs allow us to assure you that your dog will receive the maximum care possible. Each kennel is cleaned every day with pet safe sanitation products also used at vet clinics, water buckets changed, and blankets washed. We require each of our guests to  be up to date on their vaccination (for annual shots, bordatella and rabies). Small and large dogs are kept separate, unless they come from the same family and like to be together.
  • RELAXATION IS IMPORTANT We use essential oils in our diffusers as well as a white noise machine for a calming atmosphere.
  • ACTIVITY CAMP During the day we watch tv with our guests, cuddle on the couch, have ample amount of playtimes in and outside and let them hang with us while we clean and do office work.
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES Such as grooming, training, bath & nails, as well as extra activities for the dogs with high energy or anxiety can be booked for each stay. With extra activity booked your dog can go for a swim in our fully fenced in dugout, run with the bike or the ATV,  or with human on foot. Physical and mental stimulation are key for a relaxing stay at the kennel and make a world of a difference for dogs with separation anxiety.
  • NO DOGGY DOORS FOR A REASON A lot of people worry that their dogs are stuck in a kennel all day and don’t get the love and attention they need. I can assure you that that is not the case for our operation. We don’t have the doggy doors in the walls because a) we don’t like the constant draft (we yet have to see a structure that completely seals), b) a lot of dogs don’t like the cold in the winter and then choose to not use the doggy door at all and c) we believe most dogs like the personal attention and interaction with us and we therefore prefer to interact with them on a frequent basis during the day. We take them in and out of the indoor kennels at least every two hours, more often most of the time and they get to play and interact for lengthy periods and then have nap times as needed.
  • SAVE & SPACIOUS PLAY AREAS Our guests can play in our spacious outdoor pens and our indoor play & cuddle area. The outdoor pens have chain link fencing, 7′ high with coyote rollers and 2′ into the ground to keep also the very creative escape artists save.
  • SUPERVISION Social playtimes are always supervised.
  • THE VERY IMPORTANT NAP TIMES We have a nap time scheduled into our daily routine which is appreciated by all our guests. They settle right down for a nap after a busy morning and are afterwards ready for the second part of the day.
  • SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS We have surveillance cameras set up on the entire property for extra safety.
  • LIVE-IN HOSTS We don’t just shut down for the night and are out and gone. In fact most of our staff plus us (the owners) live in the same building with our guests. This means we can let everyone out again at 9pm-10pm for a last potty break. We also start early in the morning we let everyone out first thing at 7am. Our guests are never alone.

We would love to meet you and your dogs!

~ Regards, Eva & Aaron